New media, communication and information technologies are nowadays powerful tools for trade and exchanges. They transformed the modes of information as well as the forms of production and consumption in all areas. Indeed, blogs, search engines, online newspapers, social networks, and digital contents in general are all “forms of communication tools that have quickly changed the ways in which public relations is practiced, becoming an integral part of corporate communications for many companies” (Matthews, 2010). Hence, this increased the need to tackle the intercultural impact and implications of these new forms of communication in the global business.

In fact, the rise of new media has impacted the behavior of users who have shifted from being mere consumers to producers of digital content. This has not only increased the variety of content produced, but it has also promoted intercultural dialogue between different cultural groups. Additionally, new media users have contributed to changing business models, value chains and distribution systems. Thus, we have witnessed the “increase of the value of communication in the so called “economy of attention”” (Dennis 2015).

Furthermore, the virtual world, with its characteristics of content abundance, diversity and immediacy, has facilitated economic transactions and negotiations. Content digitization and convergence of information tools have transformed new media into a platform for plural, creative and interactive exchanges, which requires a multidimensional approach.

The objective of this conference is to tackle new media contents and the exchanges produced. The conference also aims at analyzing the impact of this new media landscape on intercultural communication and on the economic processes.

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